The Farmer Lie

By Bill Maher
Trump’s ridiculous budget promises to eliminate the deficit in ten years, predicts 3 percent growth every year, and counts a $2 trillion tax cut twice, once paying for itself and a second time creating another $2 trillion in growth. If you’re just pulling stuff out of your ass, you might as well go big.
But that’s just daydreaming – you can’t even really call it a lie. Here’s a lie: Trump’s deficit-eliminating budget includes $328 billion in revenue over the next ten years from the estate tax, a tax it proposes to eliminate.
“I understand the tax laws better than almost anyone, which is why I’m the one who can truly fix them.” – DJT, The Ratings Machine
And why are we gutting a tax only the super rich pay? Say it with me, kids: It “penalizes farmers and small business owners who want to pass their family enterprises on to their children.
In the average year it will be applied to 5200 rich dead people, according to the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Fifty (50) of them will be the dead former small businessmen and family farmers. Here’s a weird coincidence though: Half the members of Trump's cabinet will owe estate taxes when Putin poisons them. The Washington Post calculates that the tax cut will save their heirs $1.5 billion. Trump himself could save $857 million. You know, for his widow and orphans.
At this point, who is this “farmer” lie even for?