Trolling Isn’t the Goal

By Bill Maher

I remember an innocent time when the word “troll” meant a mythical, cave-dwelling, and ill-tempered dwarf. But now trolling is considered high political art and a great way to spend your valuable time. It’s practically the reason we have politics. We don’t make laws anymore – the president does that on his own, with executive orders. The rest of us troll the other side, as if we’re competing for a title.

For Republicans, “owning the libs” is now the goal of government, along with cutting taxes for rich people. Except, trolling is not what government is for. “Owning” and “trolling” are not policies. They don’t get anything done. Trolling is a small step away from a morning radio show prank. And the left is somewhat guilty here, too. 

I see that lots of liberal energy right now is going into renaming the street in front of Trump Tower after President Obama. Then Trump Tower’s address will be on Barack H. Obama Avenue! SO OWNED! The petition creator tweeted, “Let’s troll the bully in The White House … and rename the street in front of Trump Tower in NYC.” Now it has a few hundred thousand signatures! #ObamaAve trended on Twitter! And …and what? He stops being president? We remove him from office via the hashtag?

Trolling is a waste of time. It’s a disease.

Imagine a sport. Any sport. Now imagine that, instead of being one of the people on the field playing that sport, you’re just running around the field trying to pull down the other players’ pants. That’s trolling.