The Great Replacement

9.10.19_The Great Replacement_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher 

A hot theory among Trump supporters – although some I assume are good people – is that someone (cough-cough Jews) is deliberately repopulating America with brown people. This is called “The Great Replacement.” We don’t know why Jews do this, but no one asks why the Joker does things and I hear superhero movies are quite popular.

Of course the Replacement isn’t really being orchestrated by Jews, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. White people are old. And they’re not reproducing like they used to. (I blame those new light bulbs. No one looks good.) In America today, nearly 6-in-10 non-white residents are under 38. 56% of whites are over 38. The most common age of Hispanics in America is 11. For whites it’s 58.  

The sinister conspiracy killing white people is time.