Going for Woke

By Bill Maher

I’d say people are tying themselves into pretzels trying to out-woke each other, but the pretzel reference might be seen as an affront to Bavarian-Americans. Here’s the New York Times headline: Surrogate Pregnancy Battle Pits Progressives Against Feminists.” I thought feminists were progressives. It’s like reading, “New Leash Law Pits Dogs Against Collies.”

All but two states allow surrogacy, an arrangement where, if you’re gay or infertile or a Kardashian, you can pay a woman to carry a child for you. It’s seen by many as preferable over adoption in that the baby is still biologically yours, made with a heterosexual couple’s sperm and egg and then implanted in the surrogate or with just the egg or just the sperm of one of the parent couple. It sounds confusing but it’s basically “Womb for Rent” – someone carrying a baby that has at least some of your DNA.

The state of New York was looking to join those other 48 states in passing a surrogacy law, but there was a kerfuffle and the bill was shelved.

Who’s the real woke progressive? Is it the people in favor of legal surrogacy, standing up for LGBTQ and infertile couples and allowing surrogate women to have autonomy over their own bodies? One would think so. But not so fast. The New York Times reports:

“Long-serving female lawmakers have spoken out against it. Prominent feminists, including Gloria Steinem, have denounced it. Women’s rights scholars have argued that paid surrogacy turns women’s bodies into commodities and is coercive to poor women given the sizable payments it can bring.”

This sounds to me like people trying to be so woke they don’t realize they’ve fallen back to sleep. Restricting women’s rights to do whatever they choose with their own bodies because you believe they’re too stupid to realize they’re being coerced or commodified? That feels like you’ve come full circle and now agree with Christian Right Republicans, only under your own, twisted, super-woke rationale.