Mommy Issues

5.30.18_Mommy Issues_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

If the Democrats can sue the Trump campaign over the last election, shouldn’t Hillary be able to file a restraining order?

From AP:

“With control of Congress up for grabs this fall, the GOP’s most powerful players are preparing to spend big on plans to feature Clinton as a central villain in attack ads against vulnerable Democrats nationwide.”

This is unhinged. You’d think these angry, violent feelings would subside after Hillary lost. Not in this case. If anything, the sick, un-American drive to “lock her up” only seems to be getting stronger.

Republican focus groups say Hillary is only the second most hated Democrat. The most? Nancy Pelosi. I don’t know whose grandma is third most hated.

Republicans used to be the Daddy Party, now it’s the Party with Mommy Issues. They love to talk about identity politics as if it’s just a Democrat thing, but the identity that carries the political day right now is very white, very angry, and very male.