What Conservative Principles?

By Bill Maher

Here’s something I never want to hear out of a Republican’s mouth ever again: the word “principles.” Clearly, Republican principles are whatever they decide their principles are at any given point. When convenient, they can be dispensed with like an apple core from a car window.

Executive orders were proof of Obama’s lawlessness. Now Trump does them and they’re celebrated. You know that private email server Hillary had, which was tantamount to treason and the most horrible thing that ever happened? According to a recent poll, by a 42/39 spread, Trump voters think he should be allowed to have a private email server. Republicans scream about the Constitution when they’re out of office, then elect someone who clearly doesn’t know what’s in the Constitution, or care. They scream about Obama’s fascism, and then elect a guy whose every impulse is anti-democratic. They spent years raging about how Obama speaks and bows to our enemies, but have already turned a blind eye to Trump giving Vladimir Putin everything he wants. They don’t want Obama’s stimulus package, but Trump’s is okay. They rant about the deficit and the exploding debt, then back tax cuts and spending plans that will clearly make things worse. They talk about Christian values, then elect the least Christian politician in American history. 

Or this story, about Trump’s speech to the closed-door meeting of Congressional Republicans: “Mr. Trump cheerfully addressed the group here at their policy retreat on Thursday, and they responded with applause to many proposals they have long opposed.”

I could do this all day.

Republicans have two principles: figuring out how to funnel more money to rich people, and “If it makes liberals mad, we’re for it.” That’s it. Every other “principle” is just a cudgel to be used to bash Democrats whenever they’re in power.