Uncle Sugar

By Bill Maher

This week one of our most respected medical journals, “JAMA Internal Medicine,” published research into the long and sordid history of the sugar industry, which, it seems, has spent more than 50 years lobbying to distort scientific research and public perceptions about the health effects of sugar.

The story goes back to the 50’s, when the heart disease rate in the US started to balloon, and scientists, looking for answers, ended up focusing on saturated fat. According to JAMA, this was because of the meddling of Big Sugar. A group called the Sugar Research Foundation began to worry about evidence showing that even a low-fat diet, if high in sugar, might raise cholesterol levels. So they paid some Harvard professors the 2016 equivalent of 50 thousand bucks for a “research review” which concluded that the link between sugar and heart disease was bullshit, and that fat was the real killer. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s efforts like these kept the heat off.

JAMA concludes, “Our research emphasizes that industry-funded science needs to be heavily scrutinized and not taken at face value.” No kidding. Even today, when the American Heart Association recently recommended that kids eat no more than 6 teaspoons a day, the new version of the Sugar Research Foundation, The Sugar Association, immediately pushed back, calling it “baffling” and touting the value of added sugars in a kid’s diet.

The world is waking up to this scam, but not America, where we will fight for death to protect business’ constitutional right to kill us all.