Death and Taxes

By Bill Maher

Almost nobody pays estate tax anymore. Last year, 2.6 million people died, but less than 5000 paid any estate tax – and even they are paying only 40 percent, which is about the lowest rate since the Great Depression.

Under Hillary’s proposal, Douchebag von Fuckface and Thurston Shitbag III still get their first three and half million from daddy for free, but after that, she puts in four new tax brackets: 45 percent for estates up to $10 million; 50 percent for those up to $50 million; 55 percent for those up to $500 million; and 65 percent for those over half a billion dollars.

A trust fund baby can still afford to eat at those rates, can’t he?

Right now, the government takes in about $19 billion a year in estate taxes – this plan would probably take in almost four times as much.

This is exactly what our tax code should move toward – taxing wealth rather than work. Dead people don’t work. They’re loafers. And it makes no difference to them. They’re not spending the cash in heaven, or, in Trump’s case, hell.

Stop calling it a “death tax.” That’s a giant pile of sniglet bullshit from Frank Luntz. You can’t tax dead people – for one thing, they’re notoriously bad at getting their returns in on time.

It’s a Douchebag von Fuckface and Thurston Shitbag III tax, and that’s what Hillary should call it.