Atheists Suck at Voting

10.12.16_Atheists Suck at Voting_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

You’d think not believing in God would free up more time for civic engagement, but apparently not. According to The Washington Post, atheists and assorted nonbelievers make up a growing percentage of the population, but a constant and small portion of the electorate.

It’s disappointing. In 2008, the unaffiliated — what I like to call “my flock” — made up 17 percent of the population, but only 12 percent of the electorate. 

By 2010 we were 18 percent of the population, but still only 12 percent of electorate. 

In 2012 we were 20 percent of the population! Still only 12 percent of electorate.

In 2014, we were 22 percent of the population. Yes, almost a quarter of Americans are now my chosen people! …Still only 12 percent of the electorate. 

Come on, not Jesus freaks. You’ve got to start voting in larger numbers, like the Jesus freaks. Otherwise, do you really have a leg to stand on when your government is overly-controlled by Jesus freaks?