What Hillary’s Email Scandal Was About All Along

By Bill Maher

Recently the Justice Department filed a brief in federal court that said, “There is no question that former Secretary Clinton had authority to delete personal emails without agency supervision — she appropriately could have done so even if she were working on a government server.” 

Then we learned that Hillary’s server wasn’t exactly wiped clean and her deleted private emails are likely recoverable. Republican Senators Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said they would push for the deleted e-mails to be reviewed if they can be recovered, according to The Washington Post. 

And I’m sure none of these private emails will be leaked to the media, will they? I’m sure this investigation is about the nation’s security and the rule of law and has nothing to do with trying to embarrass the likely Democratic nominee for president.

Please. These guys are going to be huddled in a Congressional back room, shuffling through papers and giggling, trying to decide which emails to leak first. And that’s what this investigation has always been about. It’s got nothing to do with illegality or wrongdoing. It’s about having the Drudge Report print emails from Hillary where she calls a foreign leader a crybaby, or says she thinks Ellen Page looks kind of hot in a suit.