Shoots and Ladders

By Bill Maher

New Rule: No boots on the ground until ISIS kills at least as many Americans as our three-year-olds do.

So far this year, American kids have killed way more Americans than terrorists have. Gun safety groups have compiled what they call the #NotAnAccident Index, which illustrates that, so far this year, “there have been at least 80 unintentional shootings involving children, resulting in 57 injuries and 24 deaths—that's an average of one unintentional child shooting in America every 36 hours.” 

What if ISIS somehow had the means to shoot an American once every 36 hours until their demands were met? We’d be racing to develop a drone powerful enough to carry Fat Man and Little Boy. 

At least 26 of the 80+ Americans accidentally shot by kids this year were shot by kids five years old or younger. Forget the war on terror. We need a war on toddlers. 

It’s getting to the point where children being “seen, but not heard” means they’re using a silencer.