Sam Brownback for Asshole of the Month

By Bill Maher

Hustler Magazine used to have something called “Asshole of the Month.” Or maybe they still do. Who reads magazines? But if that still exists I’d like to nominate Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, who has almost singlehandedly tanked the finances in his state by imagining that cutting taxes on the rich really was an economic theory and not just a ruse to funnel more money to the rich.

So what to do when you’ve embarrassed your state and yourself nationally, and your approval rating isstuck around 35 percent? Well, some old fashioned gay bashing, that’s what.

Last week Brownback tried a game of “Hey, look over here!” when he issued an executiveorder abolishing state employees' protections against job discrimination based on sexual orientation. A policy that had stood since 2007, without incident, that no one was clamoring to get rid of, that most of corporate America and 31 other states have. All in an attempt to distract the state from the lousy job he’s doing and to fire up his base of gay-hating supporters. It’s literally What’s the Matter with Kansas? being played out in real time – money for the rich, while giving out some red meat to the rubes so they don’t complain about it. 

You follow politics long enough, you tend to stop being shocked and disgusted. So I’ll just say this: what an asshole.