A History of Failure

By Bill Maher

Years ago, America went to war in Afghanistan to rid the nation of Islamic jihadists and the people who harbor them. Years later, there are more Islamic jihadists in Afghanistan than there were before we went to war, as well as plenty of people to harbor them. 

Years ago, America also went to war in Iraq to rid the nation of people who might one day align with Islamic jihadists from other countries who weren’t there, but one day might be. There are now tens of thousands of Islamic jihadists in Iraq, who actually control entire cities and miles of territory. 

Years ago we started bombing Yemen to rid the nation of Islamic jihadists. Years later, there are more Islamic jihadists in Yemen than before we started bombing. Then last year the Saudis launched a war in Yemen, with our support, and it’s turned into a bloody quagmire that hasn’t achieved its objectives and, as The Washington Post put it, has left the Saudis “unable to find a face-saving way to end the costly conflict.” U.S. intelligence officials have also expressed concern that “the conflict has strengthened Yemen’s al-Qaeda affiliate.” 

You get the point. Would someone in favor of more war and more bombs and more boots on the ground please point me to a place on the globe where foreign military intervention has “defeated” terrorism? Really, name one.