Liberals: The Paternalistic Protectors of the Oppressed

By Bill Maher

Last Friday I performed an editorial that included about 30 jokes about white people, and one about black women paying too much money for a weave. You can guess which one made the audience groan.  

Liberals have brought this case of the PC “unfunnies” on themselves. Somewhere along the line, white liberals switched from being defenders of equality, unafraid to speak out against racism and injustice, to seeing their role as the paternalistic protectors of minority groups, no matter how minor the slight. In this atmosphere a joke isn’t wrong because it’s racist; it’s wrong if the subject of the joke is one of the protected minority groups. We simply don’t laugh at blacks/women/Latinos/Muslims/transgendered/etc. Because they’ve had a hard enough time as is. :(

You can make jokes about Republicans or conservative Catholics or Evangelicals all you like. They’ll laugh at those. Oppressors. But if the butt of the joke is blacks, Muslims, women, or any of the other protected groups, whether or not the joke is racist, sexist, or bigoted, they’re going to say it’s racist, sexist, or bigoted. It makes them feel better about themselves. And that is the goal. 

No one could explain to me how a joke about black women spending lots of money on a weave is racist, but for white liberals it doesn’t matter. The goal is a preening moral superiority that we can lord over Republicans, and also being hip: “Hey, I’m white, but I’m one of the cool white people who can laugh at how unhip white people are!