Taste the Rainbow

By Bill Maher

Mike Huckabee is not happy at all with Doritos Rainbows, the delicious multicolored corn chip Frito-Lay is offering donors to the It Gets Better Project.

In a letter to Frito-Lay and PepsiCo, which owns Frito-Lay, Huckabee complained that the It Gets Better Project was inspired by a Dan Savage internet video and Dan Savage doesn’t like homophobes, which means he doesn’t like Christians, because if you’re a Christian and you’re oppressing someone and they ask you to stop, that means you’re being oppressed. 

Christian news site WND posted excerpts from Huckabee’s letter, including this one:  

“It is beyond me to understand how a responsible corporation would think that partnering with someone who spews the vicious vitriol that Savage does would be worthy of your corporate contributions.”

And Donald Trump deported the Frito Bandito. If you’re mad at the parent company of the company that makes a chip that raises money for a group that wishes gay kids didn’t get bullied, you might be a homophobe. Of course Mike Huckabee doesn’t hate gay people. But if you say don’t bully them, he will bully you. That’s what Mike Huckabee is doing with his time.