The Latest Zombie Lie

By Bill Maher

Perhaps you saw the headline, “ISIS Seizes Saddam-Era Chemical Weapons Facility.” It got the wingnuts super-excited because it “proves” their favorite zombie lie, that Saddam really did have WMD. Even the Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg, a liberal proponent of the Iraq war and a nominally intelligent person, tweeted, “ISIS seizes Saddam's formerly nonexistent chemical weapons.” Get it?  Nonexistent?  Har har. 

But here’s the thing, Jeffrey: those chemical weapons bunkers were discovered during the first Gulf War and were bombed. The surviving bunkers were where the UN transported Saddam’s remaining stockpiles and destroyed them. Then they sealed everything up. Anything that’s still there is useless as a weapon, although I guess it might kill a few ISIS dopes if they go screwing around with it.