Hillary’s Hawk Problem

By Bill Maher

Hillary Clinton just kicked off her presidential campaign. Oh, excuse me, her “book tour.”

One thing she’s trying to put behind her, finally: her vote for the Iraq War. This is why she lost to Barack Obama in 2008 and isn’t president today. She refused to admit she made a mistake back then, but in the book writes, “I still got it wrong. Plain and simple.”

That’s progress, but the important question is, has she curtailed her hawkish instincts? Apparently not. Here’s The New York Times:

In recent interviews, two dozen current and former administration officials, foreign diplomats, friends and outside analysts described Mrs. Clinton as almost always the advocate of the most aggressive actions considered by Mr. Obama’s national security team — and not just in well-documented cases, like the debate over how many additional American troops to send to Afghanistan or the NATO airstrikes in Libya.

Mrs. Clinton’s advocates… are quick to cite other cases in which she took more hawkish positions than the White House: arguing for funneling weapons to Syrian rebels and for leaving more troops behind in postwar Iraq.

She also recently compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler. She’s almost John McCain in drag.

Because a lot of voters are sexist, women politicians often have to come off as the toughest people in the room. I understand that. But with Hillary, I don’t think it’s posturing. Remember, she was a “Goldwater Girl.” It might just be in the DNA.

A lot of people are talking about how she could be vulnerable to an economic populist on her left, like Elizabeth Warren. I think it’s her history of militarism that could cost her the presidency again. Because this is not where the country is right now – polls show vast majorities want to get out of these stupid entanglements and focus more on domestic issues. Let’s face it – no Democrat can beat her. She could grow a Hitler mustache and still win the Democratic nomination. But what if Republicans got smart and nominated an unapologetic dove? That person could splinter Democrats.

 If only Rand Paul weren’t half-crazy…