Citizens United Is a Threat to National Security

By Bill Maher

Two months ago, when Sheldon Adelson was in Las Vegas auditioning spokesmodels for his next presidential campaign, Chris Christie did the unthinkable: he uttered the “o-word” – occupied territories. The next day, he met with Adelson and personally apologized. And promised to start eating kosher. Well, he just got a do-over: the chance to deliver a speech before Adelson at the “Champions of Jewish Values International Awards,” and boy was it hawkish:

“… we see a country, our country, permitting even a thought of a terrorist state like Iran having nuclear capability. It's unthinkable that the America that has led in the way that it has always led this world would permit that to happen. Yet we are sitting in a world, we are watching the vacuum that the lack of American leadership has created being filled and it is almost never by virtue, it is almost always filled by evil."

Got it, Iran? Don’t just don’t do it. Don’t even think about it. Or Chris Christie will sit on you. Then he looked at Sheldon Adelson and asked, “Is that okay, boss? Or should I go further? Should I use the word ‘nuke?’ I could use the word ‘nuke.’”

The big fear when Citizens United first passed was that it would open the floodgates for foreign money in our elections. Remember, that’s what Obama said would happen at the State of the Union when Sam Alito shook his head and mouthed, “No!” I don’t know if there’s been a spike in foreign money, but what’s clearly happening is just as bad. Sheldon Adelson controls what presidential candidates say and demands allegiance to the most hawkish faction of the Likkud Party. This is the toxic problem with Citizens United: it’s a dangerous national security threat, and should be repealed immediately.

Christie also tried to push off this lame Republican talking point, which I’ve been hearing more of lately:

“The rest of the world watches in desperation and hope that America will realize and act upon once again its indispensable place in the world.”

No they don’t. The rest of the world likes it when we mind our own business. They don’t want the meddlesome foreign policy of George W. Bush back. Since Obama took over, polls show our leadership is much more popular in other countries; favorability is up in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. But it’s down a few points in Africa, which is the greatest irony of all-time: the only place where Bush is more popular than Obama is the continent with all the black people.