Crate Is Enough

By Bill Maher

Something disturbing is going on in Wisconsin and, for once, it doesn’t have to do with Governor Scott Walker. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s disturbing or a good thing. Occupy Madison is building and providing tiny houses for the homeless. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny tiny, as in 99 square feet, the size of an average bathroom. In Newfield New York, a similar group intends to build 14 to 18 of these new structures and in Austin, Texas, they plan enough of them to house hundreds.

These are charity initiatives located on private property and the idea is to get homeless people off the park benches and into some sort of structure with    a bed, a toilet and a sink. When you think of it as an upgrade from a refrigerator box in an alley, it sounds like a good thing. But when you think of what it says about the realities of our economy, it’s scary.

Republicans seem to think that if we remove the social safety net, the “takers” will be forced to get off their lazy asses and pull themselves out of their “culture of dependency” but, in reality, they just go hungry and homeless. In Madison alone, the homeless population has grown by seven percent over the past four years.

When we’re moving people by the thousands into bathroom-sized, pre-fab boxes, aren’t we conceding that the wealth gap is here to stay and embracing a new culture, where too many Americans are relegated to hut living?