The Grand Marshal Plan

By Bill Maher

Here’s how bad it’s looking for Democrats this year: The think pieces are already talking about “at least we can save 2016.” The point they all make is this: Midterms are won on the issues that interest angry old white people, but in presidential years blacks, Latinos, Asians and young women vote too.  Presidential elections are a rainbow coalition, like feel-good ads for Coke. Midterms are like ads for the chair that goes up stairs. The point, in all the thumbsuckers, is that that the Latino vote is growing, and it’s going to save the Democrats, mañana. But the Republicans have a plan, too.

 Here’s the LA Times:

 … on the one-year anniversary of the post-2012 report by Republican leaders that emphasized the need to reach out to Latinos, women and young voters, GOP officials were brushing aside questions about a comprehensive immigration measure whose passage the report had urged. Instead, they focused on a $10-million initiative to engage with minority voters. Under the initiative, at least 20 paid staffers are working on Latino outreach across 10 states, including California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico… on Sunday [the RNC] will sponsor a float in the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Orlando for thefirst time in more than a decade.

 The Republicans could ask themselves: What do Latinos want? (I’m guessing they’d like it if people stopped demanding to see their papers. And an economy with some jobs would be nice, too.) But the GOP doesn’t want to do that. It goes against their core principles: Racism and low wages. So here’s their offer: A parade float.

You people like parades, right?