Hater Aid

By Bill Maher

If you’re looking, here’s something to hate about Obama: He is terrible at saying thank you. We’ve heard this before from people who have raised money for him during his campaigns – they worked their asses off for the guy, and didn’t hear a peep. As opposed to Bill Clinton – throw a fundraiser for him, and he’ll thank you every day for years. Hillary is the same way – famous for sending personalized thank-yous for little things. It’s not just polite; it’s good politics.

Now, there’s something admirable about Obama not being too beholden to the rich folks who finance his political career. But Time magazine recently had a cover story about how a handful of techies put their lives on hold over the holidays to save healthcare.gov, and Obama never met with them personally to say thank you. They may have saved his legacy, and he couldn’t even pick up the phone. What does that say about a guy?