No Room for Compromise

By Bill Maher

Well, it looks like the Koch brothers are already getting a great return on investing hundreds of millions in the election. From The Hill:

“Republican lawmakers are planning an all-out assault on Obama’s environmental agenda, including rules on mercury and other air toxics from power plants, limits on ground-level ozone that causes smog, mountaintop mining restrictions and the EPA’s attempt to redefine its jurisdiction over streams and ponds.” And “The Interior Department is also in the crosshairs, with rules due to come soon on hydraulic fracturing on public land and protecting streams from mining waste.”

You know, America’s agenda.

People keep saying they want less partisanship, more compromise. Easy to say. But how do you compromise on whether to make the air more toxic?

The GOP’s other top priority is taking healthcare away from poor people. How far do you have to go down their list before you find a goal that’s not morally reprehensible? Seriously. I can’t find one.