Skunks at the Garden of Eden Party

By Bill Maher

The Department of Education hosted a planning session on Tuesday for the President's upcoming Interfaith and Community Service Challenge -- and guess who was invited to participate: Godless, heathen atheists. A nonprofit organization of nonreligious students called the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) joined a wide array of religious organizations to discuss "the best ways for campus service projects to include all worldviews."

It's all part of President Obama's inclusive, big-tent approach to taking this country and everyone in it straight to hell!

Now at first, it might seem like inviting an atheist group to your interfaith event is kind of like inviting a vegan to your pig roast. Or a Tea Party member to a science fair. But it's not the Interfaith Community Service Challenge, it's the Interfaith and Community Service Challenge -- meaning the focus is on the community service and the faith part is optional.

A spokesperson for the Secular Student Alliance said, "We're honored to be included in the President's call for interfaith and community service. There are thousands of nonreligious students eager to work alongside their religious friends to make the world a better place."

Yeah, well, I'm not so sure their "religious friends" are as eager to work alongside them. According to the SSA, the last time President Obama invited atheists to an event, a 2010 White House interfaith discussion, one of the faithful invitees, Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., said, "I think we're being set up -- for people of living faith who believe in a born-again experience who follow the Bible -- to be seen as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who need to come into the 21st century." How dare you inject reason into our mass delusion!?

With 20 percent of Americans now identifying as unaffiliated with religion, a fruit basket and a carton of Newports to President Obama for including all worldviews in his discussion of worldviews. And shame on the faith-based community for resisting collaboration with the secular -- as if a piece of campus trash is somehow less likely to be picked up by an atheist.

It seems atheists are the new gays, being told by the righteous to stay in the closet and keep their evil "lifestyle choices" to themselves.