A Word on Gitmo

By Bill Maher

President Obama made a couple of interesting points about the prison at Guantanamo a while back in his big national security speech: 1) If our allies think we're going to send a terrorist to Gitmo, they won't cooperate with us; and 2) We spend almost $1 million per prisoner per year to keep it open. Granted that's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but where is the Tea Party on that one? Taxpayers spending millions a year on prisoners, half of whom have already been cleared for release? I want to hear someone defend that.

I think Gitmo was a bad idea to start with, and that if Bush had decided early on that we were bringing all terror suspects to some Supermax facility in Colorado no one would have thought anything of it. Of course we'd jail them here. Why wouldn't we?

So, it should be closed, even though Congress will probably wet its pants all over again and refuse to transfer any of the prisoners anywhere close to one of their districts. (Projected pants-wetter: Lindsay Graham.)

But one thing I wish Obama would stop saying is that this is a huge recruiting tool for the terrorists. Um, Mr. President, just about every day since you walked into office you've been dropping drone bombs on any visible group of Arab men larger than seven. If they're using something as a recruiting tool, trust me, it's that.