Immigration Cessation

By Bill Maher

In 1913, nearly 15% of the U.S. population was foreign-born. You know what that number is today? 13%. America isn't getting more foreign; it’s getting browner. That's most people's big hang-up with illegal immigration. I wish we could just admit that.

There are 900,000 fewer illegal immigrants here than there were six years ago. Any discussion about the illegal immigration "problem" should start with pointing out that it's really not that much of a problem.

The bigger problem is our overreaction to it. The Obama administration spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year. You know how much it spent on all other federal law enforcement? About $14.4 billion. And this is supposed to be a liberal administration. Illegal immigrants aren't eating away at our public resources -- they generally put in about what they get back. But this specter of a Third World invasion is costing us more than half of our federal law enforcement budget.

We need immigrants in this country. They do jobs other people don't want do, they become American consumers and they're good for our economy.