Midterms & Money

By Bill Maher

It's never too soon for Linda McMahon to start thinking about losing her next election.

There's a rumor in Republican circles that the perpetual un-Senator is thinking of running for office in Connecticut again, this time for Congress. Makes you wonder: If Marx is right, and tragedy repeats itself as farce, what does farce come back as?

According to Newsmax:

“Speculation has it the 64-year-old McMahon, who spent $97 million of her own money on bids for open Senate seats in 2010 and 2012, would run for a House seat, taking on Democratic Rep. Jim Himes in the Nutmeg State's 4th Congressional District next year.

"The problem, local observers tell Newsmax, is that McMahon never carried the district -- which includes the state's biggest city, Bridgeport, and several affluent towns in New York’s commuter belt -- or any of the other four House districts, in either of her Senate runs."

You've almost got to admire her. She really wants a government job.

And I know it's kinda early to start talking about the midterms, but I wonder if it's all going to be crap like this; incumbents and egomaniacs and tens of millions of dollars, just to play. This can't be what the Greeks intended.

Although, ironically, they would have admired her background in wrestling.