Poppin' Bubbles

By Bill Maher

The 9th annual Jewlicious Festival launched earlier this month on the Queen Mary down in Long Beach. It seems to be sort of the Chosen People's Burning Man, a DJ-heavy celebration whose mission statement is inclusive of "atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and believers," and "is not discriminatory against anyone based on religious philosophy, race, sexual orientation, political views or the like." As you might imagine, Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church has made the gathering a bit of a target in recent years. God obviously hates Jews. And fags. But pot-smoking atheist Jewish fags? God, it seems, is not a fan.

The reason I bring up it up is that Phelps' granddaughters Megan and Grace Roper-Phelps were at this year's "Jewlicious," as invited, honored guests. Talk about self-hating Jews!  

No, as John Avlon wrote, these two Roper-Phelpses recently left WBC. It's a big loss for Team Hate, because Megan was the up-and-coming social media genius who made a name for herself spreading the Bad News on Twitter and Facebook. Now she and her sis have been excommunicated, cut off from their families forever and condemned by Reverend Fred for being "traitors." And by Mitt Romney for "going on an apology tour."

I kid Mitt, but besides the obvious feel-good nature of the story, another takeaway is that no bubble is truly impermeable. Not the Fox News bubble or the Christian Wacko bubble or even the Islamist bubble.

What we have on the outside isn't just truth and social justice and a depressingly bleak view of the future. For the other bubble-dwellers, we should spread the word that out here we have fun. 

We have all the stuff that you guys in your various bubbles are consciously depriving yourself of. So come on out!