Seal Team Schmucks

By Bill Maher

Move over Truthers, Birthers, and Deniers, and make room for the Oathers.

The Oath Keepers are the latest faction of America's organized kook fringe. All you need to be an Oath Keeper is a gun and a hate for President Obama. The Oath Keepers recruit active and former military members, cops, and other law-enforcement types who are worried about government tyranny. Here in Los Angeles, there's very little humidity, so it's a dry tyranny. The Keepers also take an oath that they will disobey "unconstitutional" orders.

Now, I believe it's terribly gauche to be a white separatist after Labor Day, but the Oathers believe -- as a post on their website notes -- that "The US government under the reign of Barack Obama is the biggest terrorist organization around." Which is quite a compliment coming from a terrorist organization.

The Oath Keepers -- who claim to be 30,000 strong -- have begun training Special Forces-style "civilian preservation teams" to contend with the apocalyptic future they see coming to America. I call them "Seal Team Schmucks." If they were Muslims, we'd say they've begun to self-radicalize. And let's not forget that former military members and cops can get access to the really crazy guns. Oath Keeper founder Stuart Rhodes, says, "We are flat running out of time" and we need to get prepared "as fast as possible." Say what you want about Obama's record on job creation, he is without a doubt the US President who has created the most nut-jobs.