All the Single Ladies

By Bill Maher

We've made a lot of jokes about how the Republican "War on Women" is a bunch of ignorant, old-fashioned, possibly-closeted old men treating women's health issues insensitively because they're repressive bastards who are afraid of and disgusted by women, their bodies, and their potential power.

Actually, all of that is true.

But also, this war has been waged, not-coincidentally, in the shadow of Obamacare. Because Obamacare's success hinges not just on young people, but specifically young women. It's pretty easy to persuade young dudes to not take care of themselves. But Republicans are terrified that healthy young women will sign up. In the healthcare war, the mighty vajayjay has been the Democrats' secret weapon all along. 

Young women don't get sick a lot, but they do want annual exams. They don't frequently require complicated procedures, but they do have babies, whom they want covered. And to prevent extra babies, they'd like some contraception.

In order to work, Obamacare needs to sign up 2.7 million young people ages 18-35 -- the so-called "invincibles." But Republicans know that most women don't consider themselves invincible. Hence the fights to stop Obamacare from providing the services women want. So how do we get to 2.7 million? The truth is that if the word gets out, and I believe it will, women will drag us over the goal line.

Want to stop Obamacare? Fight women.