By Bill Maher

Darrell Issa's committee just filed his new "investigative report," an evaluation of the State Department's investigation of the handling of Benghazi, and guess what? He smells a rat. Which brings up an important point: If you smell a rat absolutely everywhere you go, you just might be a rat.

Anyway, Issa's report is full of angry posturing, complaining that proper blame wasn't assigned high enough up due to the flawed "culture" of Hillary Clinton's department. And then:

"Therefore, one year after the Benghazi attacks, no one at the State Department has been fired for their role leading up to the Benghazi attacks. It appears increasingly likely the Department's primary objective was to create the public appearance of accountability."

Wow. There is little doubt that this has nothing to do with September 11, 2012, and everything to do with Election Day, 2016, and Issa's deep aggression towards the administration. Because these complaints only make sense if you believe that there is a crime and a cover-up somewhere in here and we just haven't found it yet.

Who was "fired for their roles" in all the other fatal embassy bombings of the past 30 years? Nobody. Nobody demanded it. Maybe my memory is foggy, but I don't remember anyone losing their jobs after we lost 63 people in the 1983 bombing of our embassy in Beirut. Nor when we lost diplomat David Foy and three others in Karachi in 2006. And who was fired after 9/11? If I've got the math right, 3,000 people is more than four. A massive intelligence failure leading to gigantic attack on our soil...and yet nobody was handed a pink slip?

Of course not. And nobody was hollering for heads to roll. Because we do get attacked sometimes, and the proper response is to band together and fight the enemy.