Guest List: June 22, 2012

By Miles Leicher

Bill Maher’s top-of-show interview is with screen icon Kirk Douglas, whose latest book is I Am Spartacus! Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist.  In his book, Douglas chronicles the making of the epic film, including the decision to hire Dalton Trumbo, a screenwriter blacklisted at the behest of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

The Panel:

Rachel Maddow is the author of Drift: The Unmooring of American Power [BOOKSHELF] and host of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show."  Fun Fact: The back cover of “Drift” features a blurb from Fox News chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes!

Mort Zuckerman is the publisher, owner and writer for The New York Daily News and owner, writer and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World Report.  Earlier this month, he addressed the question that everybody’s asking: Is Miley Cyrus really getting married? And also: Can the Eurozone survive?

Nick Gillespie – Author of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics CAN FIX What's Wrong With America and Editor-in-Chief of and In his recent article, he argues that the identities of political donors should remain private.

Our mid-show guest is environmental activist and actor Mark Ruffalo, who most recently starred as the Hulk/Bruce Banner in The Avengers. He is currently supporting legislation in New York that would incentivize solar energy and green jobs. Ruffalo also lent his celebrity to the “Robin-Hood Tax.” campaign, which aims to impose a levy on every Wall Street trade.