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By Allison MacDonald

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“Mr. Inevitable”

Mitt Romney’s victorious week means two things: 1) A brokered convention is now highly unlikely; and 2) Romney is back to being “Mr. Inevitable.” I guess that’s better than being called a robot, but Mr. Inevitable? That sounds more like a nickname for my period. But I digress. If Romney really is inevitable, can he beat Obama if he can’t even break 42% in his home state where he out-spent Rick Santorum 2 to 1?

A headline in The Onion this week said it all: “Romney Thanks State He Was Born And Raised In For Just Barely Giving Him Enough Votes To Beat Total Maniac.”

So, what’s the future of the Grand Old Party? I mean other than a padded cell. This week’s panelist, John Heilemann argues that a Santorum nomination would bring the GOP back to its senses.

But New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait says the GOP is relying on a Hail Mary strategy of “2012 or Never”. Essentially, Chait is saying this is the last time the Republican Party can conceivably win an election given its current demographics (See: Old Country Buffet, the country club and the Rascal Scooter store).

Most Debated

The Apology Tour

After NATO soldiers were caught burning copies of the Koran last weekend, the people of Afghanistan took to the streets in protest. Soon after, Obama issued an official apology to tame the violence. Rick Santorum, on the other hand thinks no apology was necessary, claiming “nothing [was] deliberately done wrong here.” Yeah, Rick, let’s see how well that theory holds up when a group of Afghan militias decide to start burning the Holy Bible right in front of your face.

Refusing to apologize for burning those Korans is like not apologizing after invading and occupying a country for 10 years and killing thousands of its civilians. Oh, wait…nevermind.

Foreign Policy’s Stephen Walt says the news of the Koran burning was “just a catalyst – the proverbial straw on the camel’s back – that ignited resentments that have been building up for a long time.”

Is this the beginning of the end in Afghanistan?

This Week in Stupid

 …And mildly hypocritical

Rick Santorum, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., called President Obama, B.A., J.D., a “snob” for suggesting people ought to attend some form of higher education. Rick also says that “liberal indoctrination” is encouraged at many colleges. Which took me back to my days of “Gov. 101: ACORN and the Art of Electoral Fraud” and my senior year seminar, “Tree Hugging: How to get your arms all the way around the tree without straining your shoulders.”

Whether or not you believe higher education makes you a “snob” or an “elitist” is irrelevant. There is a direct correlation between education and employment, as The Washington Post pointed out this week.

Should we really be ignoring this correlation in a time of 8.3% unemployment?