Late Night Snack

There I was, staring blankly into the office refrigerator at a dwindling supply of cold cuts and lettuce of questionable freshness, when suddenly cries of joy began to ring out around the office…

“Pizza! Pizza? PIZZAAAAAAA!”

And then, he entered: a knight on a glorious steed – or rather, a delivery guy in a Mazda Protégé – carrying box after box of steaming, delicious New York-style pizza pie. And with it, a note: “Congrats!!! From your friends at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

A gracious gesture from a much-deserving fellow Emmy nominee. We’re lucky to be in such good company.

Writers Room now “Pizza Room”

Note smelled faintly of cheese, so we ate it

Writer Matt Gunn and staffers Nick Licare and Scott Wyhs circle like sharks

Pizza bones (relax, mom, I ate them)

And congratulations are indeed in order, as we all now have ginormous food babies. Thanks, Late Night!