Should Weiner Stick It Out?

By Miles Leicher

Joshua Green, a senior editor at The Atlantic and a weekly political columnist for the Boston Globe, will be back on ‘Real Time’ this Friday to discuss, among other (more important) things, Anthony Weiner’s penis. Because it’s not going to talk about itself. Then again, given the chance, it might.

In his column this week, Green asserted that Rep. Weiner has done irreparable harm to his reputation and should resign from office:

“Weiner's survival shouldn't hinge on some ridiculous technicality such as whether he used government resources or lied to the press. He has already admitted to behavior that is unbecoming of a congressman. That is reason enough to call for his resignation if Weiner himself is too blinkered, arrogant, or shameless to step down on his own. He doesn't deserve the job anymore.”

Behavior is one thing, but will this really affect his ability to govern? Green claims yes; Weiner won’t be kissing babies or shaking hands anytime soon because – let’s be honest – we all know where his have been. But when it comes to pushing for progressive legislation and busting Republican balls, it’d be a shame to lose this guy. He’s got such huge…talent.

This is a debate worth having. Though they may claim otherwise, politicians have seldom been bastions of moral behavior. By historical standards, Weiner’s behavior is extremely becoming of a congressman. From Jefferson to Schwarzenegger, it seems as if they are as almost as obsessed with putting their d**ks where they don’t belong as we are with talking about it afterward.

And while I don’t believe that “everybody does it” is an acceptable excuse for anything other than going to Bieber concerts, maybe it’s time for us to get over it. Let’s just assume that all elected officials have one photo of themselves flexing super hard in front of a mirror, and another of their junk bulging out of their underwear – and call it a day. We’d probably be right anyway. Lookin’ at you, Bachmann.

What do you think - should Weiner stick it out?