Too Bigger to Fail

By Miles Leicher

Well…we’re still here. And you know what that means: Bill Maher has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Rapture Saturday came and went without much ado, which leads me to believe one of two things: either a) that crazy old man and his doomsday predictions were wrong (this seems highly unlikely), or b) we’re all a bunch of filthy sinners and have been left behind to suffer through the final days of ‘Oprah.’

We’re laughing now, but at any moment we could hear her voice ring out, “YOU get raped by demons! YOU get fondled by fire ants!! YOU have to watch ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’!!!”

We should probably put up billboards.

On the upside, if you’ve got some “Chreeestian” friends that are super bummed at the way things turned out last weekend, go ahead and tell them that Bill Maher and his coterie of ne’er-do-wells are on hiatus and won’t be making a new episode of ‘Real Time’ this Friday. That’ll cheer ‘em right up.

Hopefully that wasn’t news to you, dear reader, and you’ve already made awesome plans for that evening (cosmic bowling, probably). But if it was, and your world has been sent into a tailspin, fret not, for I have suggestions:

1.     Go cosmic bowling. Remember: blacklight-friendly clothing!

2.     Watch ‘Too Big to Fail’ on HBO.

Seriously, though, I can’t recommend option #2 highly enough. It’s as great as something can be, if that something is about how a bunch of rich d-bags nearly bankrupted our country, raided the treasury, and then went on as if nothing had happened. Like we made it all up just to piss off Matt Taibbi.

Frequent ‘Real Time’ guest Andrew Ross Sorkin penned the book behind the film and, though he’s not related to Aaron Sorkin, you can count on seeing more than one conversation take place while walking down a hallway. Be sure to peep Andrew’s cameo as a reporter in one of the press conferences.

Not only does the movie offer a compelling storyline (doomsday scenario without Bruce Willis), but it really excels at explaining the cause of the financial meltdown in a way that is easily digestible, albeit hard to swallow. Full disclosure: I watched it On Demand and had to hit rewind five or six times so that my tiny brain could catch up. Also, so that I could clean the smudges off of my TV, from all the things I threw at it.

Having watched the film, I also had a much greater appreciation for this Overtime conversation from May 13, in which Bill and Andrew discuss the idea that the banks are now “too bigger to fail”:



Too big to manage? I smell a sequel…