Hiatus Interruptus

Happy Earth Day! Frankly, I’m surprised we still celebrate this thing, now that we know global warming is a hoax perpetuated by Al Gore to sell Nalgene bottles. Thank you for opening our eyes to the truth, Senator Inhofe!

Speaking of silly things people believe in, today is also Good Friday. These two observances don’t often coincide, but when they do I can’t help but think, “Let’s hope the wood for Jesus’ cross was sustainably farmed.”

Now, assuming you’ve been tracking the whereabouts of the ‘Real Time’ staff via our iPhones, you probably know that we’re not where we should be on a Friday. For one thing, Bill Maher is performing stand-up tonight at the Asheville Civic Center in North Carolina. And the rest of us? We’re spread out wider than a Republican’s stance in an airport men’s room.

So the bad news is that there’s no new episode of ‘Real Time’ tonight. The good news is that you can still get your Bill fill by checking out the replays on HBO. And the great news is that we’ll be back live next Friday!

So do what you want to mark the day: watch some HBO, go outside and plant a tree or just spark up a nice backyard tire fire. Because if man isn’t causing climate change, we must not be trying hard enough.