The Rant Is Too Damn High

by Miles Leicher

The Real Time offices are sitting empty at the moment - and for once it's not because someone cooked eggs in the break room.  In fact, it's one of the few hiatus weeks we have this season.  I took the opportunity to drive up the California coast and pay homage to the Mecca of nerddom: the Apple Computer campus in Cupertino.  I met with some of the fine people who bring you the free iTunes podcast of Real Time with Bill Maher, and we came up with a great idea: you should listen to it.

Also, here's a quick tip to anyone considering a road trip this spring: before you leave, make sure your state isn't in dire financial straits.  If it is, be sure to bring your own road.

In any case, we can both take comfort in the fact that we'll be back live next week with all sorts of exciting things to talk about.  Chiefly, the fact that the GOP finally has a frontrunner in the 2012 presidential race!  No, not Sarah Palin, but rather somebody with an actual chance of winning: Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party.  Yessiree.

Formerly a Democrat, McMillan recently went rogue because, as he told PBS's Sal Gentile, "the Democratic Party sucks."  While it's tough to argue with that, it remains to be seen how the GOP is going to help McMillan overcome his main obstacle, i.e., being taken seriously.  While they've worked wonders on the Palins and Michelle Bachmanns of the world, the party faithful might be more hesitant to embrace someone whose views on matrimony are summed up by the phrase, "If you want to marry a shoe, I'll marry you."  Oh, and also, he's black.

Nevertheless, McMillan does have a distinct advantage over the other potential Republican candidates: he's not afraid to come out and say he wants it.  The others are playing the old, "You jump in first...I'll be right behind you.  No?  Okay, let's hold hands and go together" game; meanwhile, Jimmy McMillan's swim trunks are gone and he's doing a cannonball into the deep end.  "We may get nominated by the Republican Party," he told PBS.  "We're the strongest person right now in the race."  All I can say to that is, "yes we are."