Hat Crime

4.29.19_Hat Crime_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

The Internet has no shortage of videos of people wearing MAGA hats in public places getting water thrown on them, having their hats snatched off their heads and, in some cases, being refused service.

Here’s a recent Yahoo headline: “College student confronts teen wearing MAGA hat: 'It is a symbol of white supremacy.’”

Apparently, a white, MAGA-hatted high school kid was in the student union at Missouri Western State University and a college student named Dossou Nidaye demanded he take the hat off. According to the campus newspaper, Nidaye later said, “…the kid walked in with his hat…and I looked around and it was mostly African-Americans at the time. And we all felt uncomfortable.” So?

Here’s an alternative to imposing your sensibilities on others – just be uncomfortable. I know you think of the MAGA hat as a symbol of hate but, I’m sorry, it’s not a swastika or a Klan hood. It may go down that way in history, but we’re not there yet. Plus, you freaking out is playing right into their hands. You’re taking the bait. They’re wearing the hat to enrage libtards. The whole point is to make you crazy. It’s the reason they voted for Trump in the first place – as a “fuck you” thumb in the eye to the PC social justice warriors they perceive as discriminating against them

Trump won the election and his supporters have the right to trumpet that they are on the wrong side of history. You want to do something about that? Channel your outrage towards an effective solution. Register to vote, get like-minded friends and family members to register, demand a polling location on your campus, stump for the candidate of your choice.

Making some teen boy take off his hat does nothing to prevent four more years of Trump, and does everything to cast your side as the approved-thought-enforcing thugs.