Sweet Child o' Brine

By Bill Maher

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is suspending a plan to gradually feed children less salt in school breakfasts and lunches. Take that, Michelle. The Obama plan called for gradually reducing sodium levels. This year, lunch would have gone from 65 percent of the maximum amount of salt a child should eat in a day to 50 percent. In 2022, it would have gone down to 33 percent. Perdue will keep it at 65 percent and “evaluate whether or not the progressive standards of moving even further are appropriate or not.” In Trump terms, we’re salting this Salisbury steak down until we can figure out what the hell is going on.
Now, I understand that Trump is just “reviewing” things, like Syrian refugees and turning the ocean into a grease trap, but when can we expect a decision? And why did the Obama plan just call for the gradual reduction of salt? How hard is it to train someone to stop seasoning? This isn’t clean coal. Here’s a thought: Make it less salty by adding less salt.