GOP: The Party of Abortion

By Bill Maher

Another interesting thing in the CBO’s latest healthcare report: defunding Planned Parenthood would result in thousands more unwanted pregnancies, and therefore, common sense dictates, way more abortions.

The Trump administration is expected to tweak federal rules that give employers more control over whether 55 million American women get birth control. This will also lead to a huge increase in abortions.

Republicans say they hate abortions, but they are becoming the party of abortion. A lot of religious people are anti-abortion, but they’re not anti-birth control. Democrats need to start exploiting this. People think “a wedge issue” is just a controversial issue, but what it really is is an issue that turns a party’s base against itself.

After losing for so long on abortion, especially in rural and religious areas, Democrats have got to get in the game. So repeat after me: we’re the party of birth control, they’re the party of abortion.