Fox News Voters Are The Problem

By Bill Maher

America has been invaded by a culture that doesn’t share our values. But it’s not Muslims or Mexicans; it’s the Fox News voter. I’m guessing if you polled American Muslims or Hispanic immigrants they’d agree that health care is a right, that science means something, and that Presidents shouldn’t have family members soliciting business in Russia – but not the Fox News voter. Almost half the country now has values that aren’t what I think of as American values. I’m not talking conservative vs. liberal here, I’m talking about basic Bill of Rights stuff, and the notion of America as a country of disparate people united by a set of political beliefs.

The irony here is that the very people who are constantly complaining that American values are being lost are the ones who lost them.

I guess it’s because we’re the furthest thing from a homogeneous culture there is. We’re the “if it feels good, do it” country – which only works as long as we have an agreed up set of ground rules to keep a check on our rampant individualism. But now those ground rules are gone, and it’s not because of the hippies or rap music or Sharia law – it’s because Fox News (and the Internet) has made it okay to be a selfish dick.