Submit Your Overtime Questions for September 13, 2019

Bill and his roundtable guests - Michael Moore, Krystal Ball, Michael Steele, Fernand Amandi & Bari Weiss - will answer viewer questions after Friday's show.

Submit your questions in the comments section below. Selected questions will be answered on the Real Time Youtube Channel immediately following the premiere. Please be aware that concise (50 words or less) single-topic questions have the best chance of being selected, so the shorter and more specific you can be, the better.

Guest List: September 13, 2019

The Interviews:

Michael Moore is an Academy-Award winning filmmaker whose latest film is “Fahrenheit 11/9.”


Bari Weiss is a staff editor and writer for the Op-Ed section of The New York Times and author of the new book “How to Fight Anti-Semitism.”


The Panel:

Krystal Ball is co-host of The Hill's morning show, “Rising,” and author of “Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World.”


Michael Steele is Former Chair of the Republican National Committee and host of “The Michael Steele Podcast.”


Fernand Amandi is a political strategist and host the of podcast, “Strange Days.”


Submit a question for this week’s guests using #RTOvertime and watch them answer LIVE after the show on the Real Time YouTube channel.