Real Time Guests: September 6, 2019


Bill’s guests this week are Rep. Joe Walsh, Christina Hoff Sommers, Rep. John Delaney, María Teresa Kumar & Matt Welch.

Guest List: September 6, 2019

The Interviews:

Rep. Joe Walsh is a former Republican congressman from Illinois who

recently announced he will be running a primary challenge to Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination.


Christina Hoff Sommers is a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and host of the YouTube series, “The Factual Feminist.”


The Panel:

Rep. John Delaney is a former Democratic Congressman from Maryland and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.


María Teresa Kumar is the President and CEO of Voto Latino, Vice Chair of Emily’s List and an MSNBC Contributor.


Matt Welch is the Editor-at-Large of Reason Magazine and co-host of “The Fifth Column” podcast. 


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