Payback Time

By Bill Maher

Turns out Mexico’s not paying for the wall. We’ll be paying for it with the most powerful phrase in American politics: “strong defense.” (Do you support a “strong defense?” Of course, everyone supports a “strong defense.”)

Trump is diverting $3.6 billion from the Pentagon to build the magical mystery fence, but we all know every penny that’s ever been earmarked for war is urgently needed – because the weapons budget was born perfect, like the Blessed Virgin – so we all know Congress is going to put another $3.6 billion in the “strong defense” bucket. There’s even a name for this process. It’s called “backfilling.” According to The Hill

“While Democrats have vowed not to backfill accounts for the 127 military construction projects being tapped by the Pentagon for wall construction, standing firm could allow Trump to blame them for reduced funding for military projects.”

It’s brilliant politics. Trump takes the money for the Wall from defense, asks for money to replace that money, and if Democrats say no, they’re against defense. I steal the baby’s milk money and spend it on Scotch. Then I ask for more milk money. And if you say no, it’s because you want the baby to die. Cheers! 

Mitt Romney: “Congress will have an opportunity to restore this funding in the next budget cycle, and I plan to work with the delegation to fight for funding for these projects, which are essential to Utah’s service members and our national security strategy.” 

Some Democrats are against backfilling. But in political terms, that means voting to deprive our WARRIORS – the TROOPS – the TOOLS they NEED to KEEP AMERICA SAFE. Do you want a HOLLOWED-OUT military? I don’t think so.

How would you like to be the politician explaining that? You know and I know they’re going to cave. In fact, the Senate has already passed its version of an annual defense bill that backfills the money. They’re robbing from Peter to pay Paul and they’re paying Peter by robbing you.