When "Unbecoming" Was a Thing

By Bill Maher 

I’d just like to remind everyone that it was 10 years ago last month when the nation stopped because President Obama said something truly provocative, what many Republicans called “divisive” and even “racist”: he said police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “acted stupidly” by arresting Henry Louis Gates Jr. for trying to enter his own home.

The National Republican Congressional Committee called the president’s critique “a bold accusation’’ and challenged other Democrats on whether they believed Obama’s comments were “becoming of someone who holds the highest office in the land.’’ Obama’s approval rating among whites dropped from 53 to 46, and that was the last time white people gave Obama a 53 percent approval rating. It never returned to that level.  

I know at this point it’s useless to police Republican hypocrisy. Hell, Mitch McConnell gets off on having one set of rules for Republicans and another for Democrats. But only ten years ago, when the President was black and a Democrat, this is what the Republican Party objected to as "too far.” Think about that. Obama was judging a situation based on race before he knew all the facts. This is what was unbecoming of someone "who holds the highest office in the land.”

It’s enough to remind you what the standards used to be when the President was an adult. I guess it depends on what kind of day you’re having.