Q Is for Quack

8.21.19_Q is for Quack_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

At a recent Trump rally in South Carolina, a woman told a Huffington Post reporter that she’d had it with the mainstream media, including Fox News: “I don’t listen to Fox, I don’t listen to CNN. I don’t listen to any of ’em.” And, for a fleeting moment, I thought that might be progress. But then she said, “I listen to Trump’s tweets and his QAnons.” …Yikes. And then came the kicker: she’s a schoolteacher.  

This woman is hardly alone. (SAD!) A recent poll found that over half of frequent Fox viewers say they think the “crumbs” being given out by “Q” are mostly or partly true. Q merch has been a staple at Trump’s rallies. Trump’s warm-up speakers have recited QAnon slogans. And in a now-deleted video from Trump’s campaign, you could see two signs promoting both Trump and Q. People who are crazy for Q are clearly part of Trump’s base — you know, the same conspiracy theory that the FBI says poses a domestic terror threat. 

I know I’ve joked about Q in the past, but I’m starting to miss the innocent days when the main source of misinformation was Fox News. I find myself longing for the simple, more linear race-baiting of Bill O’Reilly. I know I’ve made it clear I believe that, if Trump loses in 2020, he’s not going to leave. And one big reason for that is what his cult followers will do. Especially when “Q” tells them Trump’s defeat was engineered by the Deep State and they need to resist.