Irrational Numbers

By Bill Maher

There’s a big new study of the electorate from the Democracy Fund’s Voter Study Group that confirms something we already knew: people’s views of Trump are pretty much fixed. Only 15 percent of Americans have changed their opinion about him at any point in the past two years. The one group that has seen movement: people who voted for Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016. When Trump was first elected, he had an 85 percent favorable rating with these folks, now it’s 66 percent, a significant drop. They also sided with Democrats in the midterms, so it’s important Democrats nominate someone who can appeal to them.

Here’s the problem, though: these people clearly aren’t rational. Are there two more different people on the planet than Obama and Trump? How allergic to basic information do you have to be to go from one to the other? It’s like breaking up with Martin Luther King to date David Duke. On taxes, health care, climate change, immigration, foreign policy, you name it, Trump is there simply to erase what they voted for in Obama. The media always pretends people vote on issues, or their own economic situation, when really they’re voting on a bunch of other nonsense. Stuff like, “Ah, I feel like we need a change.”

If we’re being honest, don’t we have to acknowledge the main reason political campaigns are so stupid and shallow is because they’re trying to persuade people who are stupid and shallow?