Going Green

6.11.19_Going Green_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

Illinois is the latest state to legalize some form of cannabis use, but the fact that it remains outlawed on the federal level means that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has to ignore the industry’s booming job growth. Luckily, Leafly recently released their 2019 Cannabis Jobs Report, which found more than 211,000 direct, full-time jobs in the state-legal cannabis industry. Between agricultural workers, budtenders, executives, marketers, chemists, software engineers and medical professionals, the weed industry as a whole now employs, by some estimates, up to 300,000 workers. And that number, like a stoner’s lungs, keeps expanding.

Last year alone saw more than 64,000 jobs added. Compare that to the under 53,000 (and falling) total jobs in the U.S. coal mining industry. And yet, as presidential campaigns heat up, it’s always the miners who get their asses kissed, as if they’re some mythic American icons, like cowboys or Top Gun pilots or pharmaceutical reps.

There are currently upwards of a million jobs in the U.S. renewable energy sector and hundreds of thousands of jobs in the quickly expanding cannabis sector.  Why don’t Democrats stop flying to Kentucky to apologize every time they don’t properly fellate miners and start pandering where the numbers are?  Miners aren’t voting for Pete Buttigieg anyway.