Ask What Your Country Can Do for Jared Kushner

By Bill Maher

When Jared Kushner’s dad was in prison, Little Jared ran the family company and made the decision to buy a cool building at 666 Fifth Avenue. (It was adorable! It was like Monopoly crossed with Home Alone.) Except The New York Times reports that he paid $1.8 billion for it and it was 30 percent empty and the rents only covered around half of the mortgage, because Jared Kushner is a dullard. If 666 was any more of a white elephant, Eric Trump would shoot it.

But then Jared’s father-in-law got elected president (more or less) and, out of the blue, a company called Brookfield Asset Management gave Jared $1.1 billion for a 99-year lease on the dump. And by crazy coincidence one of Brookfield’s largest investors is the Qatar Investment Authority. It gets even zanier: Brookfield also owns Westinghouse Electric, which makes nuclear power plants, and someone in the White House – who knows who? – keeps trying to get around Congress and sell nuke plants to Saudi Arabia. What could go wrong? The last time the Saudis changed the face of the Manhattan skyline was September 11, 2001.