Be Afraid

3.26.19_Be Afraid_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

According to Rick Tyler, who was communications director for Ted Cruz in 2016, we’re kidding ourselves if we think Trump will be a pushover in 2020:

“The thing that Democrats need to worry about is that Donald Trump won the 2016 Republican nomination and general election with virtually no campaign. I know this to be true because we had the most organized campaign by far… They didn’t have a data operation. They didn’t have any money. They were so behind the eight ball and they won. Now they’ve got people, tons of money, and the whole RNC apparatus behind them.”  

Tyler doesn’t mention the thing about reelecting Trump that really keeps me up at night: there must have been millions of people who liked Trump’s message who didn’t vote for him because the idea of “President Trump” was just too weird. That’s not a hurdle anymore. It’s not unimaginable; it happened. Reagan only got 43.9 million votes in 1980. In 1984 he got 54.4 million. Be very afraid.